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Weight and Balance Calculator

Disclaimer: The following Weight and Balance calculator is an unofficial tool to be used for members of the Spirit Of St. Louis Flying Club only. It is based on the most current data available for N738QP. It is highly recommended that you do a proper hand-calculation of weight and balance before flying. The results generated by this tool are approximate.

Weight and Balance Weight (lbs) Moment (lb-ins/1000)
Basic Empty Weight (including unusable fuel and full oil) 1503.25 59.02
Usable fuel (48 gallons maximum. 6 lbs/gal)
Pilot and front passenger (station 34 to 46)
Rear passengers
Baggage area 1 (station 82 to 108, 120 lbs max)
Baggage area 2 (station 108 to 142, 50 lbs max)
Fuel allowance for engine start, taxi, and runup -7.0 -0.3
TAKEOFF WEIGHT AND MOMENT (maximum 2300 lbs)
Center of Gravity Moment Envelope Min Moment
Max Moment

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